Why not make purchases “without interest”

We will rarely go through a shop window and actually find its “full value”, it is very common to see advertised promotions that seem irresistible in our eyes, as those accompanied by the phrase “without interest.” But is this really true?

Imagine just going through a window and see stamped that particular shoe costs $ 500.00.


Did you? Too expensive for your pocket, is not it? Now imagine the same shoe in another shop window costing “10x without interest of 50 reais”, in which store would you buy? The answer was probably the second alternative, because “no interest” gives us the momentary feeling that the product is cheaper.

When acquiring that product we think about the impact that those installments will have on the budget of the coming months and it is common to think “What are 50 reais? It will not make any difference to the card account. ” The danger of this is in having this line of thought for all purchases made and of course, the sum of all installments can extrapolate the boundaries of the card and be fatal to our finances.

After all, in this business of R $ 500 reais and 10x without interest of 50 reais


It seems more advantageous to go “diluting” the purchase without having to pay any more penny of the “full price”. But in fact, this does not happen.

The fact is that we are already paying more, that is, the “full value” in installments, this because the credit card companies charge percentage of the sales in the store, generally of 3% to 6% of the value in installments purchases , which is obvious, is less profitable for the trade when we choose this form of payment. So that they do not lose money, the value of the product is increased, turning the interest in, which is close to the selling price, so that we do not see the real value of that rate.

Many stores offer “discount” to people who make the payment in cash

Many stores offer "discount" to people who make the payment in cash

When in fact such a discount does not exist: in fact, it is only the real value of the product, without the interest in installment payment by the store that seeks to profit.

Now you know that this is just a “makeup” to make a profit and probably will not fall into that one. But if you fall and still get into debt with your credit card payments, we can help you! Apply for your personal loan online with Financial Group, we guarantee speed, security and zero bureaucracy.

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