Payday loans at the weekend – what is worth knowing?


Payday loans on Saturdays and Sundays usually do not differ from those loans that we can apply for within business days. However, in order to receive this payday payday, it is necessary to check whether the loan company has an account at the same bank as the applicant and declares transfers also on weekends and holidays. Only in such a situation, quick payday loans will reach our account at an express pace.

On public holidays, we do not have the possibility for transfers sent from another bank to reach us almost immediately, as banks usually do not provide services on these days. Short-term weekend without bikes is an ideal solution for those who do not have a good credit history, and even for people with a debt collector. How to get a weekend payday loan?

Payday loans on Sundays – where to look?

With the right choice of service, which is a quick payday payment on Sunday, it is worth first to find out which non-bank companies offer such a solution. Some time ago it was almost impossible to take a payday loan on Sunday.

Litebank offered loans only on weekdays. This situation can still be encountered in the case of some companies that provide their services at stationary outlets. However, if we want to take a loan on Sunday, we have the opportunity to apply for payday loans online. Online loans allow us to immediately receive money into our account. What is the best payday loan on Sunday?

If Litebank have an account in the same bank as the borrower, we will receive the transfer as soon as the application has been approved. If we want to get payday loans on weekends, it is worth checking in which bank the loan company has an account.

It is important that non-bank companies to meet clients’ expectations often have several accounts in different banks. This is definitely a facility for people who want to take loans on Sundays.

Payday loan on Saturday – what do non-bank companies offer?

Chwilówki on Saturday - what do non-bank companies offer?

Taking a payday loan on Saturday is not as complicated as it may seem. All we have to do is find a company that provides its services on weekends. However, we often encounter a situation when a given non-banking company is already closed.

However, in this case we will find a solution. On the market there are offers of loan companies that offer payday loans on Saturday via the Internet, as well as companies providing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Systems for processing requests for payday loans on Saturday online work automatically and consultants do not participate. This type of solution definitely speeds up the entire process of verifying the application and the identity of the potential borrower.

Payday loans at the weekend – how to take?

What to do to take a quick loan? All you need is a valid ID and submit your application via the lender’s online platform or mobile application. The decision is usually made automatically within 15 minutes. 

Thanks to such solutions, cash immediately after a positive decision goes to our bank account. If the company does not provide services via fast transfer platforms, the lender must have an account at the same bank as us to receive money immediately.

Payday loans for regular customers

Payday loans for regular customers

Loans on non-working days are usually targeted at people who have already taken a payday loan or several loans in a given company and have repaid at least one of their liabilities. In this way the lender has enough information about the applicant, thanks to which the whole process runs smoothly.

The more loans we took in a given non-bank company, the more reliable information the lender has about us. But what if new customers want to take weekends?

Payday loans at the weekend for new customers

Payday loans at the weekend for new customers

People who have not previously incurred any loans from a non-bank company also have the option of applying for payday loans on weekends. However, in this situation, the entire verification process is prolonged, because Litebank must check the borrower’s credibility. If you want to process your application quickly, you should look for companies that use verification applications.

These types of mobile applications allow efficient verification of identity by logging into a personal account at the bank. The application collects all necessary personal data and information regarding the creditworthiness of the potential borrower.

It is important here that it is not necessary to make a transfer for any amount (e.g. USD 0.01 or USD 1), as is the case with other companies. who do not use verification applications. Thanks to this, the whole process takes only a few minutes, and the money can reach our bank account faster.

Free payday loans at the weekend

Free payday loans at the weekend

An increasing number of companies are appearing on the market that offer free loans at the weekend. This is a kind of promotion aimed at encouraging the use of new clients’ services. As you know, weekend loan mechanisms most often take into account regular customers of companies who have already taken payday loans before.

However, for people who have never had commitments in non-bank companies, it is also possible to take a weekend payday loan. The offer of free loans on Saturday and Sunday is mainly addressed to new clients.

Payday loans at the weekend – what to look for?

Payday loans at the weekend - what to look for?

If you want to take out weekend loans, be sure to carefully verify the offer of the non-bank company. It may not always be associated with low costs and favorable conditions for the applicant. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the APRC (Real Annual Interest Rate), which includes all the costs of the loan that the customer must pay. You should also analyze:

– Repayment date – this is a very important factor that will allow us to make a decision regarding taking a payday loan;

– Insurance and commissions – some non-bank companies impose clients to take additional insurance or add additional commissions to their costs. Therefore, it is worth monitoring each loan offer so that the debt repayment is associated with the lowest possible costs;

– Faster loan repayment – Before taking a payday loan online, it’s worth checking to see if the non-banking company allows us to pay off the loan faster. In many cases, Litebank do not include this option in the contract, because it involves more costs and less profit.

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